• Type: Kitchen Lighters
  • Certification: CIQ
  • Model Number: 87
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Color: Red, red and yellow, yellow and black
  • flame: Open flame
  • Is a one-off?: Repeated use
  • fuel gas: ethan
  • Length: 8.5 CM, width: 4.8 CM
  • Shipping time is 1-3 weeks



Multi-functional kitchen lighter!
1.Creative kitchen lighter
2.Cool vise model!
3.Exquisite gift!
4.Strange small ornament!
5.Cigarette lighter!
6.Camping tool igniter!
7.Strange little toys!
Buyer, hello! Lighter in transit, cannot transport gas! The buyer receive the goods, sufficient gas right away! Gas must be enough!After sufficient gas, adjust the gas valve! Gas valve (+), (-), mark symbol! Sign (+) symbol, clockwise gas valve, belong to increase flame, increasing gas! The symbol (-), the gas valve, counterclockwise to reduce the flame, reducing gas, close the flame! Buyer is important to note that the gas valve must be slight rotation!Don\'t big spin!
Buyers, this is a can adjust the function of flame gas lighters!
1. With a small tool to resist before inflatable air core, completely put the residual gas inside, make lighter pressure in the tank to eliminate;
2. The gas tank outlet vertical press, press 5 seconds at a time, two or three times can be.
3. The charging is completed, please wait five minutes to use, such as 5 minutes there is still a dozen don\'t fire situation, please dispatch regulating valve can be bigger.(pay attention to the + - direction
Adjust the gas valve, please pay attention to (+), (-) direction sign!
The gas valve clockwise (+), to increase flame, increase gas!
(-) the gas valve counterclockwise, belong to shut off the gas and reducing gas, the function of reducing flame!

Please do not continue more than 10 seconds burning time. In order to make it safer, we remove the gas before shipment, you should refill gas before using.



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