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Robstep RoadRunner M1

Robstep RoadRunner M1

Save $ 659.01
$ 2,899.00
$ 2,239.99

The Robstep Roadrunner is the smallest personal transporter to use intelligent robot technology.  The manufacturer, Robstep Robotics Technologies is dedicated to innovative product development and manufacturing.  

The Robstep Roadrunner is extremely functional for a wide variety of uses.  It is very popular for police and security personnel, warehouses, commuters, industrial complexes, business districts, airports and the like.  Time is money and the Roadrunner will get you where you need to go much faster with a top speed of 10 mph.

Seperating itself from the Segway, the Roadrunner weighs in at only 40 lbs.

Adjustable height to only 45 inches, it is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

Zero degree turning radius making it easy to navigate a crowd.

Zero Emissions with a rechargeable lithium-ion 48V battery.

Easy and fun to ride it becomes a personalized lifestyle.

Many colors available.

One Year Mfg Warranty



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