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Solar Mini Fan Outdoor Camping Tools

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Portable solar fan fan It uses modern high-tech solar radiation photovoltaic panels generated by the heat and converted into electrical energy, driving high-performance micro-motor to fan operation. The faster the light, the faster the operation of solar energy is an inexhaustible green energy, safe, clean, pollution-free, solar caps can be caught in the hat, but also hand, The sun blowing cool breeze ... ...., in the summer to wear a solar cap, you can enjoy and Hee cool, it gives you a comfortable and fresh world, suitable for your travel, fishing, climbing, playing Golf and other outdoor activities. Elegant design for all ages of consumers, when the outdoor sports, the solar cap can be sent for you bursts of cool breeze, is your outdoor sports practical fashion to share.
   Directly to the solar fan out, black solar panels up, fan down. And then press the clip on the edge of the hat, or clothes can be on the collar.
As long as there is direct sunlight to the place, he has a power supply, the fan will turn. The more hot the weather, the faster the fan! The feeling is more cool.
1.Small size, easy to carry and use. Where can be pulled out to the hat along the clothes collar on a folder, or even in the hand less, can be used.
2.Using high-performance solar panel power supply, do not need any external power supply, is the real green energy saving and environmental protection products.






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