It's time to get EXCITED! You made it! You have officially found the coolest shop on the entire world wide web! Thank you for checking us out! 

At ManSeeManWant our goal is to provide centralized place for all ages AND genders to find the coolest stuff in the world to make life fun!  We find the latest gadgets, electronics, technology, nifty tools, motorized products, radio-controlled toys, smart-home devices, ManCave swag, cool clothes, amusing gifts, and more. 

Products we sell must get through our rigorous screening process to make sure it fits into our niche.  

  • Screening Process: First, we research cool new products, (generally on a computer, phone or tablet screens -"screening")
  • Then, we wait for tingles & involuntarily urges to say things like, “Hey, that's freaking cool, I want it!” or "That finally exists?" or "Oh, I NEED THAT!" 
  • If we get those feelings, then we know that is a product we want to provide, if the feeling boredom, then we know that isn't a product for us to sell.

We provide products that we think you’ll love as much as we do, & want to build a community of followers, so please like us & follow us on Facebook!  We are always looking for help from our visitors for new products to offer, so if you find something cool, message us, or post to our social media etc. & be involved as we grow.  ManSeeManWant will always be evolving, just like the awesome life-gear we offer, so please continue to come back and see what is new!

We work with a lot of different suppliers, so if there is anything that you want to see us offer, or want help finding a product that you aren't sure exists, shoot us an email.  

Thank you for your support as we continue growing & don’t forget to tell your friends about ManSeeManWant!!


Location: 4055 W. Jefferson St., Springfield, IL 62707

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Central Time

Phone: 217-610-8888

E-Mail: Customerservice@manseemanwant.com



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