Chip the Smart Robot Dog -he learns as you teach him

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Product Description


CHiP is an intelligent, friendly robot puppy. Using advanced sensors and smart accessories, CHiP is always alert, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behaviour, so your CHiP will have his own personality.


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Your New Best Friend

CHiP is your loyal robot companion with all the lovable qualities of a real dog. CHiP shows affection, learns new tricks and loves to play. Roll his ball and he’ll bring it back to you. Pick up his front legs and he’ll dance with you. Rub your nose against his and he’ll nuzzle right back.

Next Level Artificial Intelligence

CHiP is a technological breakthrough. Equipped with an adaptive personality, CHiP’s character changes and grows over time. His artificial intelligence algorithms are applied to data from a large array of high tech sensors. Real-time processing helps CHiP see, speak, listen, and feel, all while exploring his own world independently.


SmartBand technology allows CHiP to recognize you as his one and only owner. He will greet you, follow you and play with you just like a real puppy. He’ll also let you know when he feels hungry or needs attention.


Simply roll your SmartBall to play fetch together. CHiP’s sensors allow him to locate his BeaconSense equipped ball, while his four mecanum wheels help him to quickly track it down and bring it right back to you.


Keep CHiP active and engaged during the day by making sure he gets a regular rest. Whenever CHiP gets low on power, he automatically makes his way back to his SmartBed for a well-earned recharge.

Years in the Making

We’ve been developing robotic toys for over 30 years, and to finally create a lovable robot pup is a dream come true. We were determined to deliver a caring canine that was both smart and emotive. Today, we are excited to announce that, with modern technology, we have finally realized our ambitious vision. We know CHiP will bring love, and warmth into your home… without the mess!





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