Cover-Board Hoverboard Fireproof Charging Bag

$ 49.99

The Cover-Board Hoverboard Fireproof Charging Bag is a Fire resistant Hoverboard Charging Bag for Li-ION Batteries.  The hover board bag is designed to be used when charging or storing your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter to safeguard against the risk of fire. When used properly, the bag contains flames to prevent a fire from spreading. The liner of the Cover-Board Bag is made with fire and smoke resistant fabric, the same material used in industrial fire curtains and fire resistant shipping container covers. Instructions: When charging or storing your hoverboard, it is important to eliminate all open gaps at the top of the HoverCover bag to prevent flames from escaping in the event of a fire. The flaps should overlap completely and the buckle should be tightly secured to eliminate any path for flame to escape from the bag. Features: Fire resistant hoverboard case for charging and storage Size: Accommodates 6" ,8" ,and 10 inch hoverboards. Get your peace of mind with the Cover-Board Hoverboard Fireproof Charging Bag at

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