Polyes Q1 3d printer pen

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*Battery capacity:2000mA

*Power usage time (Only lights): five hours

*Power usage time(Only use ink ): two hours

*Charging time: two hours

*Ink shelf life: one year

*Ink best service time: six months

*Ink core capacity: 30ml/pcs


This is a chic modelling "magic brush," 3 D creative pen, it uses   light curing   promptly replace FDM technology, using high precision sensors, to create three-dimensional model, is thoroughly subverting the traditional graphic illustration, can stimulate children's creative thinking, and easy to carry.

3 d creative pens, can draw butterfly, draw the swan, draw a Christmas tree, and all the things you want to draw, let you follow one's inclinations.


Traditional 3 D printing  pen with engineering plastic (ABS/PLA, etc.) as material, using high temperature hot melt way: work need to be heated more than 200 ° C (400 ° F) to the temperature of ABS/PLA plastic material after hot melt extrusion, and make plastic by means of natural cooling or air cooling solidification drawing in order to achieve the effect.Because the technology is implemented requires constant high temperature, so must use plug continued uninterrupted for high-voltage electrical heating way, so that the work can't get rid of the limit of the power cord;At the same time, the ABS/PLA will produce a large number of engineering plastics in the high temperature melting excitant, harmful gases, not suitable for families and individuals;Is limited by the ABS/PLA material, the material cannot be diversified and creative works, and so on reasons, hot melt method of 3 d printing, can't meet and is suitable for people's life and work.


But our 3 D creative pen perfect solve these problems: innovation using LED lighting technology, using photosensitive polymer instead of ABS/PLA materials: the photosensitive resin material in LED curing lights immediately, to avoid the scald caused by the high temperature high voltage and dangerous, it only can work at room temperature, the security is increased sharply at the same time does not produce harmful stimulus gas (photosensitive materials with green, non-toxic and safe properties);The very low power consumption, will not be restricted by high power dissipation work had to be plugged into electricity, using the built-in rechargeable design, avoid the power cord to interfere with creation, which can be totally wireless support flexible mobile operation, a charge can support 2-6 hours the high strength work;The safety of the built-in battery has active protection function, there will be no plug leakage happening at work, greatly improve the safety performance;Light-sensitive materials with green environmental protection, rich colors, transparent, luminous, fluorescent, fragrance, temperature (temperature continuous changes), etc., to support a variety of special effects processing and environmental requirements;With built-in Angle sensor and the safety switch, safety will be active protection perfectly;The combination of reasonable mechanical structure with multiple function keys, you can easily switch work mode (standard mode, repair mode, curing mode)...Is its unique design and safety, by yahoo news (YahooNews) known as "the world's most safety, the most friendly 3 d creative pen"!





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