12 Month Service Plan for Hoverboard Warranty Supplement

$ 89.00

The purchase of this item will be for 12 months of services should anything happen to your hoverboard.  This will cover any replacement parts or services needed during the warranty period for your hoverboard.  The manufacturer warranty is fairly standard for all manufacturers of hoverboards (and most electronics) and will cover the non-human caused failure of functional parts.  It will not be for a new board, cosmetic damages, it will not cover broken or bent frames, it will not cover services, which is why we are offering to supplement the warranty.  Parts may be an additional charge if not covered under the manufacturer warranty.  This is for the services to both diagnose and replace parts as needed.  It will not cover shipping to or from our repair shop located in Springfield, IL.  

 For more information feel free to email customerservice@manseemanwant.com

How it works:

1. Start by Purchasing the Service Plan within 30 Days of your hoverboard from us.  The service plan will be active 12 months from the day your hoverboard shipment arrived.

2.  When services are needed, package the hoverboard up safely and send back to us, include a description of the issue inside the box. (Shipping labels can be purchased here when repair services are needed, or we can bill a UPS or FedEx account if you have one, or you can ship back to us at the address below and provide a return shipping label in your box.) 

3. We will Diagnose the issue and inform you what needs to be done to get it working and if there is any additional non-warranty parts cost.  

4. If you agree to have us do the repairs we will send a final invoice and repair the item and send it back.  If you do not wish to have us repair then we will simply send it back with the shipping label that you already purchased or provided to us.

5. Customers will agree to our services agreement when sending in for repair. 

6.  Additional years for service warranty may be purchased for up to 2 additional years (3 total years) by adding more than one year (per hoverboard) to your order. 

That is it, now you have a service plan to cover incidentals!




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